An Important Message from Restaurant Tristan.

A Message to our Valued Guests,

What follows is hard to write as we refrained from it in our post earlier this week. However, seeing as some people did ask, it nows seems the right time to address the elephant in the room:
Restaurant Tristan needs your help to survive. 
If you believe in us and are able to purchase a voucher to use when all this has blown over, it could help keep us operational during the worst times that are no-doubt yet to come.

In recognition of your trust, we want to return the favour to you. When you come to use your Restaurant Tristan voucher that is purchased directly with us on 01403 255688, we will offer 10% extra credit on top of whatever the face value is. There is no expiry date on our vouchers and they can be made to any amount you wish.
We are also looking at online voucher systems that will allow for purchases when we are not here or if we have to close our doors.

We didn’t want to have to ask this of anyone, no doubt through sense of pride – but they say pride comes before a fall and that is what we are trying to avoid.

It’s not lost on us that so many of our Guests have a personal affinity with the Restaurant and we want to be here for you in the future.

Thank you for your understanding. 
You can contact us with any concerns on 01403 255688 or

The Team at Restaurant Tristan

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