6 Course Taste

6 courses £70 / 6 courses including wine £120

Tasting menus only available to the entire table


Mackerel gravlax/ cucumber/ oyster & wasabi
Cava, Brut Selección, Villa Conchi, Catalunya, Spain N.V

Rabbit/ St. George’s/ wild garlic pesto
Graves Blanc, Château Graville-Lacoste, France 2017

Crab/ beetroot/ horseradish/ charcoal
Gamay Vin de France, Uva Non Grata, Guillame Letang, Lyon, France 2018

Line-caught sea bass/ caviar/ salsify/ verde
Fiano, Home Vineyard, Hancock & Hancock, McLaren Vale, Australia 2017

Lamb/ kid/ goat
Cabernet Franc, Circumstance, Waterkloof, Stellenbosch, South Africa 2015
Suckling pig/ pickled rhubarb/ radicchio
Grenache, The Songlines, Magpie Estate, Barossa, Australia 2017

Passionfruit soufflé/ chamomile & oat/ yoghurt
Gewürztraminer/ Frontignac Frizzante, Magpie Estate, Barossa, Australia 2017

Selection of artisan cheese as an additional course £12

Additions £4

Creamed leek

Jersey Royal potatoes/ parsley butter

Gem lettuce/ Sussex pancetta